On Creativity: A Conversation Among Friends Yale University Feb 27th 5p


Please join us Feb 27th 5p Yale University at The Whitney Humanities Center for a conversation across artistic disciplines by some fine folks that are dedicated to people. “We are connected so closely that the notion of specialness – of ourselves or of anyone else, -- is a narrow, ungenerous view of reality, cutting ourselves off at the root.” Judy Roitman

The conversation will be between sculptor Susan Clinard, writer/journalist Jake Halpern, pianist Andrius Zlabys, playwright/actor Toto Kisaku and dancer/choreographer Wendy Clinard.

What Makes A Good Dancer

When asked what makes a good dancer, the master replied:
First to be a good dancer, one must know the music as well as the dance.
And what else?
To be a better dancer, one must understand the stories and be able to interpret the characters being portrayed.
Is there more?
The best dancer is the one who has all those things I have told you about and is a farmer.



Clinard Dance presents



11a-12:15p Flamenco Level 1 (1-3 years of study)

12:30p-1:45p Flamenco Level 2 (3 years and up of study)

Fee: $40 per class or $70 both levels

LA CHIMI Sun March 11th

11-12:15p Flamenco Level 1 (1-3 years of study)

12:30-1:45p Flamenco Level 2( 3 year and up of study)

Fee: $40 per class or $70 both level


Classes will be held in Pilsen at 1839 S.Carpenter. RSVP at info@clinardance.org. Classes will fill up quick so reserve your spot soon and get a 10% discount. 

Help bring photographer Akito Tsuda back to Pilsen

Japanese photographer Akito Tsuda’s photos of Pilsen inspired ClinarDance, in partnership with Cultura in Pilsen, to devise a new work of with live music and dance. Cultura has invited Akito to return to Chicago in October for a new collaboration.

Learn about this partnership at our summer show on August 20th at National Museum of Mexican Art. Learn more about Cultura's campaign here https://tinyurl.com/AkitoTsudaPilsenDays.

Tickets and information: http://bit.ly/2veIaS1

Photo by Akito Tsuda





Clinard Dance had the pleasure of sharing our Flamenco Quartet Project with the St.Louis Flamenco Society on May 20th and From The Arctic To The Middle East on May 26th in conjunction with Dance St.Louis Spring To Dance Festival. Second thanks to all the fantastic participating artists: Marija Temo, Steve Gibons, Javier Saume, Bob Garrett, Marisela Tapia and Wendy Clinard.

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Guitarists, singers and dancers are encouraged to bring their remates, respiros, marking steps, salidas, estribillos and escovillas to class to deepen their understanding of the Tangos structure. Students will have a chance to work with each other live in the class or attend as an observer only to glean a better understanding of how the parts (singing, dance and guitar) make a whole in flamenco. All levels welcome.

The workshop will be held at Clinard Dance 1833 S.Halsted on Sat Feb 25th from 12-1:30p. Fee is $45. RSVP at info@clinardance.org.

Dec 9th Studio 1833 New Works

December 9th from 7-9:30p FREE Studio 1833 (1833 S.Halsted Storefront)

In conjunction with Chicago Arts District's 2nd Friday, Clinard Dance opens its doors to feature two long standing collaborators with Clinard Dance: violinist/composer Steve Gibons and writer/painter Dmitry Samarov in an evening of visual and performing arts. 

Flexible in size and repertory, Clinard Dance contracts to a duo format as Wendy Clinard and Steve Gibons share their new original composition for dance and violin inspired by repetition, repetition, repetition within a traditional 12-count rhythm flamenco structure. By repeating, by pushing through the movements and sounds (doing it again; 5 times; 20 times) we find the phrases becoming more sincere and offering an opening into each next moment in composition. Dmitry will show sketches of Clinard Dance rehearsals as well as other recent work..

* performances will run 10 mins and take place at 7:30p, 8p, 8:30p and 9p.

Student concert Dec 3rd at Studio 1833

Join us for an evening of student and professional dance and music as we celebrate and share our dedication to the art of flamenco. Get ready to be moved by live music accompaniment by guest flamenco greats guitarist Marija Temo and dancer, singer, percussionist Jose Moreno and violin extraordinaire Steve Gibons.  For Tickets visit http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/2712924


Chicago's Watershed goes to China

If you look at your right palm, you see a map of China: the rivers flow east, and most of the rest is high and dry; the arable land is like dirt collected in the lines of your palm. It is home to 1,380,868,414 of the world's population. A handful of them work at The University of Chicago Center in Beijing and Peking University. They invited Clinard Dance and EStrella Piano Duo to perform our piece, Chicago's Watershed: A 156-Mile Choreography and work with music and dance students. We leave Thursday; let's see what happens.

But before we leave, we need to reacquaint ourselves with what this Watershed business is all about.

A few intense days at Merit Music in the West Loop neighborhood is just what we needed...

We'll see you in a couple weeks when we return with many stories to share of our travels.

(sketches by Dmitry Samarov; photos by Avis Shapiro & Liz Roman)




Concurrent Rhythms

Earlier this year, Clinard Dance participated in a creative exchange with Hrishikesh's Center for Contemporary Dance in India. Now filmmaker Diandra Miller has documented their work in her documentary, Concurrent Rhythms. Here is some background on Miller:

Diandra Miller is a native of Glendale, Arizona and currently lives and works in Chicago, Illinois having received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Over the past two years she has been working with Clinard Dance to create unique documentation for their repertoire productions; such as the 40-page publication illustrating the process of Watershed, along with directing the documentary ‘Concurrent Rhythms’ that follows the international collaboration between Clinard Dance and Hrishikesh’s Centre for Contemporary Dance. For 'Concurrent Rhythms' Diandra collaborated with the filmmaker Tapan Pandit from Pune, India as well as the composer and musician, Cody Rowlands from New York to score the documentary.

In her individual art practice, Diandra Miller catalogs how folklore, narrative, and history function in our contemporary concepts and places of play. Focusing on the imagery of game and leisure structures for everyone from womb to tomb; Diandra's art practice situates itself in research, collaboration, and a multifaceted approach to making. You can view more of her work at diandramiller.com.


As a reminder: our winter session of classes begins the week of January 11th. Check out all we offer right here.

We wish you all a happy holiday season and thank you for supporting Clinard Dance this year!

2nd Friday Flamenco Concert, Friday, December 11th

Join Clinard Dance Theatre for a FREE Flamenco Performance, Friday, December 11th

—featuring student and professional work

—special guests: violinist Steve Gibons, bassist Alex Wing & guitarist Marty Metzger

*SPECIAL LOCATION* Performances will be held at 1915 S Halsted St

7:30 and 9:00pm—


"I have been a flamenco student on-and-off for over 15 years. I have spent the last three years or so studying with Wendy and the Clinard Dance Theatre. Wendy has a unique approach to flamenco that offers all levels an opportunity for growth. On a personal note, her technique style has allowed me to dance without any pain in my knees which was an ongoing issue historically from previous years of flamenco and my jogging hobby. Dancing in the Pilsen Art Walk on the second Friday of the month has been a wonderful way to gain performance experience in a low pressure setting. Studying flamenco with Wendy, she constantly reminds me of why I love this art form: freedom of expression of your true self in a way that is honest and full of passion. She reminds me to also be forgiving as there is always something new to learn or improve upon. I'm excited for the Friday show and here's to many more with Wendy and the Clinard Dance Theatre!"

—Maria Santillan, one of our student performers





Audience Feedback from Clinard Flamenco Quartet

"Invited some girlfriends that are new to Flamenco to see the show....We were all enchanted with the fieryness of the performers.  The original guitar composition of Marija and Wendy's Farruca were wonderful; Marisela's Solea was also powerful. My friends remarked that it sure melted any lingering work week stress and replaced it with a fun night.  We all walked out feeling some flamenco passion.  I couldn't wait to put my flamenco shoes on in the morning!"  - Liz Roman

"This was a quartet that exemplified teamwork! The interaction between the dancers and musicians was intense but allowed for playfulness and for the spontaneity that is the essence of flamenco. The combination of Spanish guitar, bass and gypsy jazz violin made for very complementary arrangement for flamenco. The interpretation of this sound by Wendy Clinard and Marisela Tapia made for a well rounded collaboration."  -Marina Claudio 

From Dmitry Samarov, visual collaborator for Chicago's Watershed: A 156-Mile Choreography:

Friday my friend Wendy asked me to come draw the premiere performance of a new flamenco piece.

Drawing dancers isn't easy but I enjoyed it. The music—played on guitar, violin,and bass—was beautiful. 

Having it punctuated and underlined by the dancers' tapping, pounding shoes gave it a whole other level of intensity.

Clinard Flamenco Quartet: A Note From Composer Marija Temo

"I am delighted to be composing and arranging a flamenco work, Farruca (for violin, bass, flamenco guitar and dance), that will be premiered this Fri., Nov., 6, 2015 with Clinard Dance at Instituto Cervantes.  The Farruca, I originally composed as a guitar solo but as I meet with Wendy Clinard and see her dance ideas,  the music will change and/or be interpreted differently to match her and the structure including dance will then become formed. ( I am inspired very much by dance movement which sparks melodic and rhythmic ideas that emerge and develop into thoughts and phrases of temperament and feeling.) Much of the music I have composed can be developed and allows for improvisation, which is where I will consult with Steve Gibons, violinist, and Alex Wing, bassist..  After sharing their ideas, the music and form will start to change even more and become something new.   As a result, the Farruca will be a work that is arranged and composed from us all.  I look forward to see what transpires in rehearsals and what the final product will be when the quartet works together. I am very grateful to Wendy Clinard for the opportunity to create and share the creative process with her and these fine musicians."  

-Marija Temo

Join us this Friday, November 6, 2015 at 7:00pm at Instituto Cervantes to see the world premiere by the Clinard Flamenco Quartet.