Audience Feedback from Clinard Flamenco Quartet

"Invited some girlfriends that are new to Flamenco to see the show....We were all enchanted with the fieryness of the performers.  The original guitar composition of Marija and Wendy's Farruca were wonderful; Marisela's Solea was also powerful. My friends remarked that it sure melted any lingering work week stress and replaced it with a fun night.  We all walked out feeling some flamenco passion.  I couldn't wait to put my flamenco shoes on in the morning!"  - Liz Roman

"This was a quartet that exemplified teamwork! The interaction between the dancers and musicians was intense but allowed for playfulness and for the spontaneity that is the essence of flamenco. The combination of Spanish guitar, bass and gypsy jazz violin made for very complementary arrangement for flamenco. The interpretation of this sound by Wendy Clinard and Marisela Tapia made for a well rounded collaboration."  -Marina Claudio 

From Dmitry Samarov, visual collaborator for Chicago's Watershed: A 156-Mile Choreography:

Friday my friend Wendy asked me to come draw the premiere performance of a new flamenco piece.

Drawing dancers isn't easy but I enjoyed it. The music—played on guitar, violin,and bass—was beautiful. 

Having it punctuated and underlined by the dancers' tapping, pounding shoes gave it a whole other level of intensity.