Clinard Flamenco Quartet: A Note From Composer Marija Temo

"I am delighted to be composing and arranging a flamenco work, Farruca (for violin, bass, flamenco guitar and dance), that will be premiered this Fri., Nov., 6, 2015 with Clinard Dance at Instituto Cervantes.  The Farruca, I originally composed as a guitar solo but as I meet with Wendy Clinard and see her dance ideas,  the music will change and/or be interpreted differently to match her and the structure including dance will then become formed. ( I am inspired very much by dance movement which sparks melodic and rhythmic ideas that emerge and develop into thoughts and phrases of temperament and feeling.) Much of the music I have composed can be developed and allows for improvisation, which is where I will consult with Steve Gibons, violinist, and Alex Wing, bassist..  After sharing their ideas, the music and form will start to change even more and become something new.   As a result, the Farruca will be a work that is arranged and composed from us all.  I look forward to see what transpires in rehearsals and what the final product will be when the quartet works together. I am very grateful to Wendy Clinard for the opportunity to create and share the creative process with her and these fine musicians."  

-Marija Temo

Join us this Friday, November 6, 2015 at 7:00pm at Instituto Cervantes to see the world premiere by the Clinard Flamenco Quartet.