Featured Fall Workshop

This past summer Clinardance offered a new experimental class, Repertory and Choreographic Exploration. The class was formed from Wendy Clinard's work at her residency exchange at Hrishikesh Centre Of Contemporary Dance in Pune, India. This summer's class used the same choreographic explorations that Clinard accesses when building the company's signature original pieces.

The class will run again this fall, once a week on Friday mornings, starting September 11. Students will utilize a series of movement games to work on muscle and body placement, and develop their sense of space. Using games helps participants generate instinctive movements, and self-correct was they actively explore each game's instructions. Using games instead of corrections lets the students take the lead on thinking how to translate movements into the space. 

“I really enjoyed this past’s class, and how we used “stimulation” instead of “imitation,” to find the core of each’s space and place, and exercise that ‘muscle,’ ” says Wendy. “I could see each student's personal expression come through the movements they were creating. Each phrase can have multiple outcomes: travel, jump, walk, fall. Everyone was able to find their own individual ‘edge,’ as they connected the body to imagination.”

The fall class is open to people ages 16+, and no previous dance experience is needed. Participants should wear comfortable clothes, and are free to choose to dance barefoot, in socks, in sneakers, or with flamenco shoes. For more information and to enroll, click here.