Clinard Dance is pleased to partner with Cultura in Pilsen in bringing Japanese photographer Akito Tsuda back to Pilsen.  Tsuda’s photos of Pilsen in the 1990’s challenged Chicagoans to see the beauty, value and sanity of everyday people doing everyday things like: families sitting on stoops, lifting someone out of a wheelchair, kids playing ball in the street, two ladies helping each other carry groceries. Clinard Dance will perform excerpts from their work in progress in 15min intervals from 7-10p on Nov 4th at La Catrina Cafe, 1011 W.18th St..  Akito's photos of the tailor shop, the shoemaker, and the smiling lady at the laundry tug at the heart and inspire the percussive footwork of flamenco to join with the rhythms of the sewing machine. They invite a dancer to turn and jump, waking us up to our shared humanity, to celebrate the beautiful, ordinary, and everyday neighborhood of Pilsen. SAVE THE DATE OCT 28th 7-10p PILSEN DAYS BOOK RELEASE AND PHOTO EXHIBIT.