Children's Classes

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Children's Classes


Saturdays 1:30-2:30p

Students will learn to count different time signatures, play rhythm games, do palmas (hand-clapping) and basic flamenco dance techniques. Basic flamenco dance techniques include braceo (arm movements), floreo (finger movements) and zapateado (footwork). The children will also learn a short flamenco choreography to enhance their overall coordination. Open to ages 6-12years.

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Students may purchase the entire class. To purchase the entire class at one time, add this class to your shopping cart. 
Students may buy a punch card including five hours of class per card. Punch Cards allow for the most flexibility, working in half hour increments at $8 per punch (there are 10 punches per card). Simply purchase punch cards from our class page, indicate the number of cards you want and get ready to dance. 

Students may drop-in to individual classes.
Drop-in rates are as follows: 
$18/1 hr.   
$26/1.5 hr.  
$34/1.45 hr.

Drop-in rates can be paid in person at the time of the class.


Three options to purchase give students flexibility to pay all at once or pay as you go.