Palmas and Cuardro /All LEVELS WELCOME


Palmas and Cuardro /All LEVELS WELCOME


Palmas/All levels Welcome Mondays and Thursdays 6-7p

Mondays July 15, 22, 29 Aug 5, 12 and/or Thursdays July 18,25 Aug 1,8,15

This class is intended to develope skills in Palmas (hand clapping) a very important componant for the flamenco student in learning to accompany other dancers by giving percussive support. It is a skill that takes time to develope starting from aquiring the right sounds to better understanding the compas (rhythm) and how to follow the dancer and music.


This class is offered as a specialty class and is not an ongoing class. The purpose of this class is to give the opportunity for the student to work on solo dancing. Students can work on a small section of a dance (to get used to executing on their own) or a full dance for those that are more prepared and need to practice and learn the correct execution with the compas (rhythm) and to communicate clearly the cues with the singer and guitarist. Palmas (hand clapping) will also be taught and how to accompany dancers.  

Class Tuition and Attendance Policies

A maximin of two make-up classes are allowed per session. If a certain number of classes are not attended within a given session, that same number of classes cannot be carried over to a subsequent session.

Tuition refunds will not be granted under any circumstance. Transferring of classes to another individual is not permitted. 

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