Intermediate/Advanced Bulerias


Intermediate/Advanced Bulerias



Tuesdays 7:30p-9p Starts November 27-December 18

Bulerías & tangos por fiesta are festive type of dances. They continue to be the highlight of fiestas or juergas (celebrations) in Spain. These classes develop improvisational skills and a good sense of flamenco style. Classes are designed to train dancers to interact with the guitarist and singer in a spontaneous way. Steps and structure are taught so the dancers have a base to work off. Eventually, the students learn how to organize their own dance on the spot and improvise interpreting the cante (song). This gives the students the skills to really listen to the guitar and singing, which will also be useful for an overall understanding of how this art form works in general. A flamenco dancer must always have bulerías and tangos in their repertoire. 

*There will be intermittent live guitar and singing accompaniment for this class.


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Students may buy a punch card including five hours of class per card. Punch Cards allow for the most flexibility, working in half hour increments at $8 per punch (there are 10 punches per card). Simply purchase punch cards from our class page, indicate the number of cards you want and get ready to dance. 

Students may drop-in to individual classes. Drop-in rates are as follows: 
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$30/1.30 hr.

Drop-in rates can be paid in person at the time of the class.