Alice Blumenfeld's powerful performances onstage and her scholarly work make her a preeminent force in the American flamenco scene. Soon to hold a dance MFA from Hollins University, she currently directs Abrepaso Flamenco. Her work has been commissioned by YoungArts for the Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage and she presented her work at The Baryshnikov Performing Arts Center, The National Hispanic Cultural Center, and The Outpost Performance Space. Blumenfeld toured extensively with Flamenco Vivo Carlota Santana, and has performed with EntreFlamenco, Nélida Tirado, and at the Philadelphia Flamenco Festival and Forever Flamenco in Los Angeles, along with performing in Sevilla, Spain. In 2012 she received a Fulbright Grant to further her flamenco studies in Spain, and in 2008 she was recognized as a Presidential Scholar in the Arts.  

Technique class: 1 hour, Fee $25 /1-2p March 12th

Flamenco dance technique, emphasizing movement quality and musicality. Class will include a warm-up, arm and hand exercises, tabla de pie (footwork exercises and phrases), and marcaje (marking patterns). 

Repertory: soleá 1.5 hours (1 hour repertory +1/2 hour talking about soleá structure and styles of cante), Fee /$35 /2:15-3:45p

"I will teach an excerpt from my soleá, which I initially developed to a piece of classical music, and incorporated the movements back into a soleá structure. The piece has a contemporary slant to it, and works with a standard flamenco cuadro or in any music in 3/4 time. The last 1/2 hour I will explain a little bit of the history of soleá and its styles in the cante, also addressing the structure of the dance" Alice. 



Clinard studied at Amor De Dios in Madrid with Ciro. He would dedicate each class to one aspect of flamenco dance i.e ARMS, TURNS and FEET. These classes are modeled after Ciro’s approach to examining each part separately so that the student gains a more intimate understanding of flamenco dancing as a whole not as a series of disconnected “steps”. All levels welcome. Students are welcome to "drop in" throughout the workshop because they are not choreography centered.

March 14Footwork, March 15 Armwork/Marking Steps and March 16 Turns as found in llamadas/desplantes and "Vuelta Quebradas".

Classes are from 7-9p Fee $120 3 days or $43 drop in.