Flamenco is an enigma. It is danced in fiestas for fun. It’s danced seriously in tablaos and theatres. But there are few who have unlocked its secret, its intriguing mix of skill, sensuality, grief, and joy. One of those was the great Pilar Montoya Manzano, la gran Faraona, daughter of the dynasty maker, el Farruco. Her tangos and her bulerias are revered far and wide by all who understand their complexities. Africa inherited this legacy and the talent to continue it. Flamenco, as danced by Africa, la de la Faraona, will bring tears to your eyes, joy to your heart, and laughter to your soul.

Please join us for this wonderful opportunity as Africa "kicks off" out summer session 2018.

July 16th and 17th Technique 6:30-7:30 $40 for both nights or $25 for one night

July 16th TANGOS 7:30-9p  July 17th BULERIAS 7:30-9p $60 for both nights $35 for one night