Tuesday Nov 28th 8-9:30p Guitarists, singers and dancers are encouraged to bring their remates, respiros, marking steps, salidas, estribillos and escovillas to class to deepen their understanding of the Tangos structure. Students will have a chance to work with each other live in the class or attend as an observer only to glean a better understanding of how the parts (singing, dance and guitar) make a whole in flamenco. All levels welcome. The workshop will be held at Clinard Dance 1839 S.Carpenter. Fee is $45. RSVP at info@clinardance.org.


Sevillanas Workshop
When: Dec 2,9 and 16th 2:30-4p  Where: 1839 S.Carpenter Fee: $27 per session or $72 for all 3 classes * Participants are welcome to join us Dec 18th at La Catrina cafe for a end-of the-session -school -sevillanas "jerga" 6:30-9:30p.


expression WORKSHOP with Wendy Clinard

How do I anchor my arms into my back and isolate my shoulders, my hands? What leads me when turning? If the center leads most action, what part of the center and what gesture is a result? What happens when I "play" with my weight into the ground to find different footwork grooves? Can I isolate my forearm (rotate the elbow up and drop it) to find other expressions? What happens when I rebound verses jab my tacone into the ground? How can I be strong in the center and loose in the joints? Can I do the same footwork pattern and translate the swing of it when I change the accents in the 12-count rhythm cycle? Theses and many other questions will guide this three day workshop explored through the flamenco structure. All levels welcome.  Please note the workshop is not choreography centered so students can attend one or all three evenings.

When Dec 20-22nd 7-9p Where 1839 S.Carpenter Fee $105 for 3 evenings or $40 drop in.