Clinard Dance brings together people from a diverse range of artistic disciplines and cultural backgrounds pioneering a unique approach to contemporary and American-style flamenco.  Their works push the limits of both a traditional flamenco quartet format and their original content driven works.

Founded in 1999 Clinard Dance is pioneering a unique style of flamenco dance by abandoning the representational ties to the form and relying heavily on the rhythms, sense of improvisation, and unique isolations in the flamenco body, in a quest for a free, spontaneous body; one which is able to interact and dialogue with other compositional forces; namely, music, composers, visual artists, and text.

Our productions are the result of years of work, of sustained, collaborative inquiry into a huge range of ideas. This inquiry can take many forms but it always brings together people from a range of disciplines and different cultural backgrounds and has to do with people's place and their sense of belonging.

They have created seven full evening works as well as several smaller choreographic works. Their pieces have been presented in the United States and abroad including India, Syria and China.

Clinard Dance feels that art and culture have the ability to create real and deep meaning in a place, that's one reason Clinard Dance operates also as a school in Chicago's Pilsen neighborhood. Please visit our "Community Programs" page to learn more about our outreach programs and free monthly performance series.


Your financial support will help continue the creation of  inspired, theatrically compelling works. 

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